Rose Rutledge is a musical force to be reckoned with. As a Brooklyn-based producer, singer-songwriter, and rogue flutist, she has carved out a unique sound that is eclectic, organic, and truly captivating. 


At the heart of Rose's sound are her lush and layered "flutescapes," created using her one-woman flute choir. These soundscapes provide the perfect backdrop for her vocal productions and live looping performances. Blending lofi ambient, electro pop, and alternative indie with her formal training in jazz and classical genres, Rose's compositions are an exploration of the world around her, evoking a deep sense of nostalgia and hopeful energy.


Rose's most recent releases, 'Horoscope' and 'Shhh,' mark the beginning of a series of instrumental flutescapes, driven by layers of flutes paired with lofi beats. But it's her newest single, 'Own World,' that truly showcases Rose's incredible range as an artist. In this vocal-led piece, Rose explores the feeling of missing out on a beautiful reality due to modern-day distractions, weaving her powerful voice through the intricate flutescape.


Through her music, Rose has created a world that is truly her own. In her live performances, she spins up intricate soundscapes built through layering flute and vocal loops into ethereal, hypnotizing musical journeys. Her one-woman show soaks audiences in sound, inviting them into her world as she steps into the audience to create a truly immersive experience.


Delving into ‘Own World’ is like jumping into the unknown. The listening experience is so fresh and authentic – almost hypnotising.”


Following years performing both flute and saxophone for various bands around NYC, Rutledge is poised to make waves as a solo artist.”

Obscure Sound

What sets Rutledge apart is her ability to seamlessly blend disparate elements. The fusion of flute and vocals may seem unconventional, but it works harmoniously, highlighting her innovative approach to music-making.”

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